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Do You Use Heat to Bend Metal for Spoon Rings, Fork Bracelets, etc?

Aug 17 2020

Do I use heat? It's one of the common questions people ask me at shows. People wonder how I reshape metal objects, how I twist them into surprising new forms? The answer is that it's complicated. Yes, I use heat, but never shape metal when it's hot.  Here's a quick breakdown of how I get this accomplished.  I forge metal - hammer, twist and bend it - only while it's cold. There's no fiery magic for this part of the process, just hand strength, simple tools and lots of practice. You've perhaps seen a blacksmith forging glowing hot iron? A silversmith...

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Aug 17 2020

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Lost & Forged, with brief answers and links for more info.  If this FAQ and the linked resources don't give you the info you need, click here to get in touch!   ABOUT LOST & FORGED Who runs Lost & Forged? I do. I'm Doug Heifetz, the founder & silversmith. Click here to read more about me and my metalwork art business. When was Lost and Forged established?  Lost and Forged was established in the fall of 2015. Please click here to learn more about the start of my journey. ...

Charm Bouquet Spoon Rings

Aug 06 2020 baltimore bouquet charm charm city charmtown floral flowers kirk repousse spoon ring spoon rings sterling silver stieff

  My Charm Bouquet Spoon rings (Stieff-Kirk Repousse floral pattern) are a major Lost & Forged customer favorite. The silverware pieces, made in Baltimore, are among the most famous and very finest of all antique American silverware pieces. Shop now for a Kirk Repousse "Charm Bouquet" spoon ring! The silverware pattern name, Repousse, is also the technical term for an ancient artistic metalwork technique. A silversmith creates a repousse piece by pressing a design into a silver surface from the back or bottom of the piece. The design stands out in relief when viewed from the front or top. When...

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