FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Lost & Forged, with brief answers and links for more info. 

If this FAQ and the linked resources don't give you the info you need, click here to get in touch!



Who runs Lost & Forged?

I do. I'm Doug Heifetz, the founder & silversmith. Click here to read more about me and my metalwork art business.

When was Lost and Forged established? 

Lost and Forged was established in the fall of 2015. Please click here to learn more about the start of my journey. 

How did you start bending metal for art?

It began rather suddenly, almost by accident, and then became a deep passion and artistic career. Click here to learn more. 

Why do you find it so meaningful to create art from silverware and other reclaimed materials?

I like to create surprising new things from materials that are typically mundane and forgotten. I find the work not only playful and fun, but it also affirms and communicates my sense of hope for a world that is surprisingly 'malleable' - we can reshape ourselves and our society for the better by using imagination, determination and kindness. Read more here.

Do you use heat to bend the metal into interesting shapes?

Yes, I use a high-temperature metalsmith torch in my workshop, but I don't bend, hammer or shape the metals while they're hot. That is, I'm a silversmith and not a blacksmith. Click here to read more. 

How do you create spoon rings?

Click here to watch a 2-minute demonstration video.


Where do you buy the old forks, spoons and other materials for your creations? Do you go to estate sales, thrift stores and antique markets? Do you want to buy my family silverware?

I buy my materials mostly from online sellers. I usually shop for very specific types of flatware and other materials, as the need arises. I don't go to estate sales, because they don't easily fit into my personal schedule or my specific sourcing needs. I enjoy occasionally visiting thrift stores and antique markets, but I only rarely acquire materials for Lost & Forged there. I probably won't want to buy your personal silverware collection, but please do commission me to create custom pieces that repurpose your old flatware. See below.


I have silverware pieces that I don't use. What should I do with them?

Get in touch to have me create custom jewelry and decor using your silverware. The custom pieces will make special gifts for you and everyone else you know. If you have a few place settings or a whole silverware set to repurpose, I can create gifts for every member of an extended family for a reunion or other event.



What if I don't know my ring size, or the ring size for a gift recipient?

No worries! Please read this blog post for a bunch of good options.


What if the ring doesn't fit when it arrives, in spite of my best efforts to order the right size?

I take care of my customers! If the ring you ordered from me online doesn't fit, please contact me. I'll adjust it for no extra charge, my compliments. You'll just pay for shipping.

Are your pieces made from 'real' silver?

I create my pieces from genuine, reclaimed vintage flatware and other old metal objects. Most of the silverware I source is either sterling silver, silverplate, or variations on those materials. I offer many of my pieces in both sterling silver and silverplate variations. The product pages on my website always explain the options and respective prices for each material. My sterling and antique coin silver pieces are always stamped to note the metal composition, but you might need a magnifier to read the stamp. Click here for more information about the metal composition of antique and vintage silverware pieces.


Do I have to polish my spoon rings, fork bracelets, etc?

No, but you might want to. Click here for more.


Can I get my jewelry customized?

Yes! I offer many types of customization. I can adjust a design you see on my website, I can recreate one of my regular offerings using your silverware, or create an entirely new design based on your preferences or materials. Please get in touch if you don't see the option you're looking for.


How do I order custom engraving? 

I offer custom engraving (added text, numbers and letters) for most pieces on my website. The product page should include a box you can check to add engraving, and a text entry box to include instructions about desired details. I charge $35 per piece for custom engraving, and I can usually fit up to 20 characters, which includes numbers, letters and spaces. 



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