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Standing for Transformation - with NAACP and #BLM

Jun 11 2020 #blm antiracism art for a cause black lives matter charity donations george floyd giving justice for george justice for george floyd lostandforged police violence racism silverware jewelry transformation

I've decided to donate 5% of every Lost & Forged online purchase to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), one of the best known civil rights organizations in the USA. 

The Spoon Ring Connection: Why I Started Bending Things

Jun 06 2020 artisan bio Doug Heifetz Douglas Heifetz Lost & Forged Lost And Forged maker metalsmith my story silverware jewelry spoon rings

How I started making spoon rings, silverware jewelry and other upcycled metal creations.

Spoon Rings in the Workshop Demo Video

Apr 05 2020 demitasse spoon demonstration genuine spoon rings handmade handmade spoon rings how to make spoon rings jewelry made from silverware leilani maker silver spoon rings silverware jewelry spoon jewelry spoon rings sterling silver spoon rings video vintage spoon rings whole spoon ring

Lost & Forged offers all kinds of spoon rings and other handmade silverware jewelry pieces. Our "whole spoon rings", made from whole spoons approx. 4 inches in length, are among our most popular offerings. Check out this 2-minute video of me making them! Some of our Spoon Ring categories & collections include:  All Spoon Rings  Whole Spoon Rings, Demitase Spoon Rings  Spiral Twist Spoon Rings  Gemstone Spoon Rings Gold Spoon Rings, and Two-Tone Spoon Rings Birthstone Spoon Rings Dragon Ring Spoon Rings, Dragon Spoon Rings Judaica Spoon Rings