Meet Amiri - Assistant Metalsmith

Amiri, Assistant Metalsmith


You know what's one of the very best parts of growing as a business over the last year? I've had the pleasure of hiring Dur Mohammed ('Amiri'), getting to know him, training him, and learning with him and from him.

Amiri is a wonderful human being. His friendly ways and many talents are a blessing to me, to Lost & Forged and to everyone who meets him.

Amiri works in the Lost & Forged studio every week. He creates many of our most popular designs and pieces, and has tremendously boosted our overall production. He is a regular presence at our markets and shows, helping with setup and takedown, and also sales.

He learns every new skill with determination and ease, and often adds new ideas, improved processes and other wisdom along the way.

He moved to the DC area less than two years ago from Kabul, Afghanistan. He served as an interpreter with the US Army for years before making his way to the USA with his family. We're incredibly fortunate to have them here!


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