Artscape - Why I Love It!

The final day of Artscape is tomorrow, Sept. 24th. We're open from 12 noon until 5 PM.

We're at Booth 70, on Charles Street just south of Jones Falls Expressway. 

Artscape is a very important show for me. I explained why in my application to the show for this year:


Artscape holds an important place in my career as an artist, and I am eager to participate again if invited. I was very honored to be the Emerging Artist for jewelry in 2016. The emerging artist program allowed me to participate for free, although the standard fee would have deterred me. At the festival, visitors responded to my work with great enthusiasm, which moved and amazed me. Numerous attendees said that my work captured the essence of what they loved most about Artscape. Countless visitors expressed surprise and delight when examining my metalwork pieces. Their feedback inspired me to embrace my career as an artist with new confidence and determination, far more than before.

The enthusiastic responses also helped me to better understand and develop a key aspect of my work: my pieces celebrate surprising transformations, and thus they highlight the possibility of metamorphosis for individual people, and for a world in need of healing.

Each of my pieces tells a story of transformation of a relatively mundane, old metal object, usually a vintage spoon, fork or other flatware piece. I reshape and adorn the old objects through a wide range of metalsmith techniques.

Although I transform the materials for new beauty and purpose, I also work to ensure that the original recycled objects remain recognizable. I stop short of processing them beyond identification. I want the viewer to see, upon close examination, the story of metamorphosis that occurred.

My work inspires me, and I hope others, to look for hidden possibilities in the world. Where we see waste, decay and triviality, we can surely also find opportunities for growth, creativity, innovation, healing, and beauty. I hope to share this inspiration with the Artscape audience again this year, along with my deep gratitude for the festival's role in my artwork.


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