VIDEO - From Rusty Travel Trunk to Modern Bar Cart Furniture

 Watch me make this -
travel trunk bar cart Travel trunk bar cart
from this -
rusty old trunk, ready for transformation

Check out the 40-second action video below. It shows me refinishing the trunk, and demonstrating some really nifty features of the new furniture piece -

Where would you use it? In your living room? Den? Dining room? Patio? Let me know what you think!

And if you'd like to buy it or find out more details, please get in touch

Extra bonus history about this piece - for years I used this steamer trunk in my art show booth as a chair, makeshift workbench and storage cabinet. I had removed some of the rust and paint from just the most visible areas back then, but most of it was still pretty unsightly. I recently replaced the trunk with new furniture in my booth, and was excited to finally create something really special with the newly available old luggage piece.



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