Fork Bracelets & Spoon Bracelets - How to Wear Them

Wondering how to put on an adjustable bracelet by yourself, without help? Or struggling to wear a cuff bracelet where the opening is too small for your wrist? 

Here are five short videos to solve all your bracelet problems.

The first two videos (Section A) address adjustable link & clasp style bracelets.

The last three videos (Section B) show different types of cuff bracelets.

A. Struggling to put on an adjustable link & clasp style bracelet? Here are two ways to do it.

Part 1 - 'Empty Handed' (without a bracelet helper tool)

Part 2 - Using a Bracelet Helper Tool


B. Cuff Bracelet Instructions & Tips

Part 3 - Standard Shape Cuff Bracelets

Part 4 - Top Opening Cuff Bracelets

Part 5 - Side Opening Cuff Bracelets


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