Standing for Transformation - with NAACP and #BLM

Lost & Forged donates to NAACP

My belief in transformation always motivates my work with Lost & Forged. When I reshape an old fork into contemporary jewelry, for example, it's not just about metalwork.

Rather, my creations flow from my deep conviction that we can transform into better versions of ourselves. We can transform our world for the sake of greater compassion, justice, equality and environmental sanity.

This belief motivates me to act beyond my artistic creations, too. I'm determined to help transform our society to a more inclusive and fair place for people of all backgrounds.

I'm particularly alarmed and saddened by the persistence of racist systems and attitudes, and the ongoing, disproportioniate police violence toward African American men and other people of color. I want to take steps to overcome these cruel, destructive problems which cast a sad shadow over everything.

I've decided to donate 5% of every Lost & Forged online purchase to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), one of the strongest civil rights organizations in the USA. 

Your purchase from Lost & Forged helps to combat racism. Please find every way you can to do your part!


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