Spoon Rings in the Workshop Demo Video

Lost & Forged offers all kinds of spoon rings and other handmade silverware jewelry pieces. Our "whole spoon rings", made from whole spoons approx. 4 inches in length, are among our most popular offerings. Check out this 2-minute video of me making them!

Some of our Spoon Ring categories & collections include:

Spoon Rings LostAndForged All Spoon Rings

 Whole Spoon Rings, Demitase Spoon Rings

 Spiral Twist Spoon Rings

 Gemstone Spoon Rings

Gold Spoon Rings, and Two-Tone Spoon Rings

Birthstone Spoon Rings

Dragon Ring Spoon Rings, Dragon Spoon Rings

Judaica Spoon RingsJudaica Spoon Rings