The Spoon Ring Connection: Why I Started Bending Things

Doug Heifetz, bending silverware

Why did I start creating all these spoon rings, and other silverware jewelry and decor creations? It began rather suddenly.

Back in 2015, I often watched TV shows late at night while my family slept. I wanted to do something productive during TV time. I was no artist back then, but I remembered that a college roommate once bent a cafeteria fork into a rough bracelet.

I decided to give it a try. I found a few old silverplated forks and a pair of pliers. I started to bend a fork, but it broke! I tried again, with a similar result.

By then, though, I felt too invested to quit. I wasn't going to break two perfectly good forks for no reason! I began to look online for advice.

I discovered a dazzling range of techniques, tools and projects using silverware and other metals. I wanted to try it all, and my mind soon filled with ideas for original projects and pieces.

My early results were rough, but showed consistent improvement. While I lacked many skills and tools, like a proper silversmith torch, my imagination was on fire!

I posted some of my creations on Facebook, and friends began to ask where to buy my pieces. Soon, Lost & Forged was born.

Now I realize that so many early life experiences also added to my artistic vision: an extended family road trip through the Southwestern US as a child, metalwork projects at summer camp, time with my sculptor grandfather in his workshop, handmade costume projects with my father, my mother's creative dedication to her writing, my cousin Tom Friedman's stunning work as an upcoming and internationally renowned artist, my time working in a handmade rug store as a teen and young adult, and much more.

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