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Silver Spoon Rings: What Are Real Spoon Rings Made Of?

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 Silver spoon rings; real spoon rings made from vintage silver flatware

Above: silver spoon ring made from a whole vintage cocktail fork, with a natural amethyst gemstone


Although many companies nowadays offer products called 'spoon rings', most of the larger sellers are not making their jewelry from genuine flatware. Instead, they're creating molds based on old silverware designs, and manufacturing brand new metal pieces to sell en masse from the molds. Our customers here at Lost & Forged, on the other hand, usually want silver spoon rings and other jewelry and accessories made from genuine antique and vintage cutlery. In other words, we make and sell real spoon rings.

But what is the flatware itself made of? What's its material composition? We use vintage and antique silverware pieces that fall into several categories. Each type of metal offers desirable values and limitations. Here's a brief description of each category:

A. SOLID SILVER ALLOYS - products composed entirely of a solid silver, with no base metal underneath, and no plating on top. If a solid silver product is scratched, a silversmith can generally repair it by intensive polishing. Categories of solid silver include:

    • Sterling Silver: solid silver alloy containing at least 92.5% pure silver. Sterling is often denoted by the numerical mark .925 or 925. Check out our sterling silver spoon rings here.
    • Other Solid Silver Alloys: solid alloys containing differing percentages of pure silver, but sharing the key properties of sterling (lustre, malleability, etc). Many older European silver pieces, for example, are composed of different solid silver alloys. Antique Norwegian silver, a Lost & Forged favorite, usually includes 83% pure silver (denoted by the number .830 or 830). Check out our other solid silver spoon rings here. 
    • B. SILVERPLATE - metals coated with a thin layer of silver on the surface with a non-silver base metal underneath. The type of base metal varies, but often includes copper, zinc, brass, etc. Silverplate offers a beautiful, lustrous true silver finish at a price point lower than solid silver metals. Check out our silverplate silver spoon rings here.


Some of our additional Spoon Ring categories & collections include:

 Whole Spoon Rings, Demitase Spoon Rings


 Spiral Twist Spoon Rings

 Gemstone Spoon Rings

Gold Spoon Rings, and Two-Tone Spoon Rings

Birthstone Spoon Rings

Dragon Ring Spoon Rings, Dragon Spoon Rings

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