Silverware Jewelry: Transformations that Surprise

I create my Lost & Forged jewelry and decor pieces from reclaimed metal objects, mostly antique silverware. I shape each piece by hand using imagination, simple tools and tough love.
Watch me transform old silverware into spoon rings


My approach is very different from other modern jewelry. While each Lost & Forged piece is a handmade original, most jewelry makers mass produce by mechanized casting.

My process differs dramatically from other handmade jewelry metalsmiths, too. While I transform mundane old metal objects, most metalsmiths fabricate their pieces from wire and sheet metal.

The act of reshaping something old is challenging but rewarding. It means something very special to me.

It stands for achieving surprising possibilities and changes in our lives and our world.

Have you ever felt trapped by the limitations of a job or a relationship, by your own habits or by a world stuck in its ways? I have, and I know it can be so frustrating!

I strongly believe, though, in the possibility of transformation.

We can grow, change course, create a better world and heal our planet.

This is why I bend silverware and other old metal objects for my art.

For example, I transform a fork into contemporary jewelry as an emphatic reminder of hidden possibilities.

Every Lost & Forged creation celebrates a story of surprising transformation.

I hope my work will inspire and remind you to seek greater possibilities than ever ever before. 

Silverware Jewelry Necklace, Mountain Range Necklace

An old silver fork becomes a contemporary Mountain Range Necklace

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