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Spoon Rings Info: What Are Real Spoon Rings Made Of?

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Spoon Rings made from genuine vintage flatware  Although many companies nowadays offer products called 'spoon rings', most of the larger sellers are not making their jewelry from genuine flatware. Instead, they're creating molds based on old silverware designs, and manufacturing brand new metal pieces to sell en masse from the molds. Lost & Forged customers, on the other hand, usually want silver spoon rings and other jewelry and accessories made from genuine antique and vintage cutlery. In other words, I make and sell real spoon rings. But what is the flatware itself made of? What's its material composition? I use vintage and...

About Spoon Rings: the History of the Spoon Ring

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So many types of spoon rings available!  People love spoon rings for many reasons. They're beautiful and stylish, and they can showcase a huge variety of silverware cutlery patterns in many different visual styles. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and can include custom engraving, gemstones and more. They represent ecological values of reuse and environmental stewardship. They highlight an improvisational, creative spirit. Because many of the rings use vintage and antique flatware pieces, they also represent a link to the past. Each piece has its own unique history, and the category of jewelry itself has a special...