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About Spoon Rings: the History of the Spoon Ring

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So many types of spoon rings available!


People love spoon rings for many reasons. They're beautiful and stylish, and they can showcase a huge variety of silverware cutlery patterns in many different visual styles. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and can include custom engraving, gemstones and more. They represent ecological values of reuse and environmental stewardship. They highlight an improvisational, creative spirit. Because many of the rings use vintage and antique flatware pieces, they also represent a link to the past. Each piece has its own unique history, and the category of jewelry itself has a special story.


Origins of the Spoon Ring: an Act Love & of Defiance

Spoon rings are widely considered to have originated in 17th century England, when people began to make rings from the metal handles of table flatware. In those days, flatware was highly prized. The pieces were typically made of solid silver, and often displayed the family crest of the wealthy family who commissioned, owned and used the pieces.

Popular lore explains that, at that time, servants first began to create rings from the cutlery. The servants couldn't afford to buy 'proper' engagement rings when they wanted to get married. Instead, the legend goes, they would steal a flatware piece from their master's home, and shape it into a ring to give their beloved for a marriage proposal. Thus, the earliest spoon rings served as symbols of love and commitment, in defiance of strict social and economic barriers.

Spoon Ring Revival: 1960's, '70's and beyond

Spoon rings entered a new wave of popularity in the 1960's, matching the era's hippy, earthy vibes.

Recent years have seen a new surge of spoon ring popularity. This growth is due in part to the appearance of celebrities like Kristen Stewart, who regularly wears her own vintage silver spoon ring.

Kristen Stewart Spoon Ring, Little Red Riding Hood Spoon Ring, About Spoon Rings, History of Spoon Rings, Spoon Rings for Sale  Want your own Kristen Stewart Spoon Ring? We'll make one for you by special request. Send us a message!


Genuine Vintage Spoon Rings vs. Knockoffs

Many companies now offer rings based on classic silverware designs, to appeal to the high demand for spoon rings. Even though they may call them 'spoon rings', the larger producers typically are not using genuine flatware. Instead, they're casting new metal pieces based on the old designs. Their jewelry misses the genuine reuse that many Lost & Forged customers value.

At Lost & Forged, of course, we're dedicated to reclaiming and renewing the forgotten metal pieces of the past with new creativity and luster. 

We offer many types and categories of spoon rings made from different types of teaspoons, flatware, cutlery, etc.

Our current Spoon Ring categories & collections include:


 Whole Spoon Rings, Demitase Spoon Rings


Spiral Twist Spoon Rings Made from Vintage Flatware Spiral Twist Spoon Rings

Silver Spoon Rings with Natural Gemstones, Fire Opal, Ruby, Chalcedony, Peridot, Diamond Gemstone Spoon Rings

Gold Spoon Rings & Two Tone Spoon RingsGold Spoon Rings, and Two-Tone Spoon Rings

Birthstone Spoon Rings, spoon rings set with natural birthstones for the birthdays and months of the yearBirthstone Spoon Rings

Dragon Ring Spoon Rings, Dragon Spoon Rings


Judaica Spoon Rings, Jewish Spoon Rings, Judaism Rings, Jewish Symbols, Menorah Rings, Star of David Rings, Jewish Star Rings, Biblical Rings, Magen David Rings, Judaica JewelryJudaica Spoon Rings

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