About Doug Heifetz, Artist & Owner

Doug Heifetz creates his artwork to celebrate surprising transformations and to make upcycling irresistible. Through his small studio operation, Lost & Forged, he offers a wide range of original jewelry, accessories, Judaica items and decor pieces, all made by hand from antique silverware and other reclaimed metal objects. He began his artistic work in 2015. Since then, Heifetz has shipped his pieces to buyers in dozens of countries overseas and all 50 US states. 

He has received a number of awards and distinctions, such as:

A number of media outlets have covered his work, including:

Doug lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA, with his two children. He was the full-time rabbi of a local synagogue for 11 years, but shifted his main professional focus to his artwork from 2017 onward. In addition to his work with Lost & Forged, he now serves as the part-time rabbi of Beit Tikvah in Baltimore.

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