Silver Mezuzah Case with Rough Emerald, Flatware Mezuzah Judaica

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A silver mezuzah case makes a great gift for a Jewish wedding, a new home, or many other occasions.

The mezuzah case holds a small scroll, printed with words of the Torah, including the instruction to "Bind them [these words] on the doorways of your house" (Deuteronomy 6:9).

This mezuzah case is made from vintage silver flatware. It comes in your choice of silverplate or sterling silver material. Three of the fork tines are bent into the Hebrew letter 'shin', which stands for one of the names of God.

The cup of the spoon on the mezuzah case is engraved with a Tree of Life design. The Hebrew word 'Shalom' is engraved on the fork handle extending downward from the case. Upon request, we can replace the word 'Shalom' with personalized engraving - such as a word, family name or short phrase, either in Hebrew or English. Please message us with your order to request customized engraving.

One of the fork tines holds a rough emerald gemstone, adding to the uniqueness of this judaica art piece.

When you order, you will receive:

  • a silver mezuzah case, in your choice of material (silverplate or sterling silver)
  • the mezuzah case is made from vintage silver flatware pieces
  • comes engraved with the Tree of Life and the Hebrew word 'Shalom'
  • customization is available upon request
  • includes an attractive, laser printed version of the mezuzah scroll/text
  • arrives in attractive gift packaging
  • ships in 1-3 business days
  • rush shipping is available
  • comes with our 45-day money back guarantee

With our 45-day money back guarantee, you have no worries. Whether you are purchasing this beautiful metal wall piece as a gift or as a treat for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

Place your order today and it will soon be arriving for you to give or to hang in the doorways of your home.

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