Spoon Ring Silhouettes: Shapes & Styles of Silver Spoon Rings made from Vintage Flatware

The Lost & Forged Grape Cluster spoon rings come in three basic silhouettes: spiral twist, classic band and whole spoon ring.

A great many companies nowadays offer products called 'spoon rings'. However, most of the larger sellers aren't making their jewelry from genuine silverware. Instead, they're creating molds based on old flatware designs, and manufacturing brand new metal pieces to sell en masse from the molds.

Lost & Forged customers, on the other hand, usually want silver spoon rings and other jewelry and accessories made from genuine antique and vintage cutlery. In other words, I make and sell real spoon rings.

I use the flatware to create spoon rings in many different shapes and styles. I can reshape a given piece of silverware in multiple ways, for a range of possible rings. Here are some of the main options:


Spoon Ring in spiral twist shapeSpiral Twist Spoon Rings, or Spiral Wrapped Spoon Rings

I wrap the handle of a vintage fork, spoon or flatware butterknife into a spiral shape, sized to order. Upon request, I can adjust the spacing in between the ends of the spiral, for wider or narrower spacing. Sometimes I add gemstones, for special gemstone spoon rings.  

 Spoon ring in classic band shape


Classic Band Shaped 'Standard' Spoon Rings

We wrap the handle of a vintage flatware fork, spoon, etc, into a straight band shape. We can adjust nearly any of our spoon rings to this shape, upon request.


Spoon ring made from a whole demitasse spoon

Whole Demitasse Spoon Rings

A Lost & Forged customer favorite - we wrap a whole vintage demitasse spoon (also called a coffee spoon, mocha spoon, espresso spoon, etc) into a ring shape. The ring can be either a straight saddle-shaped band, or an open spiral twist.


Want to learn about materials and types of silverware used for spoon rings and other silverware jewelry? Check out our recent blog post on "Spoon Rings: What are Real Spoon Rings Made of?".




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