Spoon Rings - How to Wear them Big & Bold (Even if You're Petite)

The bigger the better, right? Maybe not always, but...

Bold statement pieces have been trending for some time now, and they're a specialty here at Lost & Forged! I'm here to give you some tips on how to style big rings for petite women. Or even just styling those statement pieces for when you go out, or for now over zoom! Like this Lost & Forged gemstone spoon ring shown below!


1. Wear them on a hand with no other rings. For example, if you regularly wear a wedding or engagement ring on your left hand, place the bold new ring in question on the right. 

2. Place the accent ring on your middle or ring finger, especially if the ring is very large. You want to be able to give that large ring some support without worrying about  it falling off or getting in the way. If you have a slightly smaller statement ring, your pointer finger should work perfectly.

3. Compliment that large piece by adding some other rings spaced out on your other fingers. Or even have your outfit or nail polish coordinate with your ring. You want to style your fingers to make them pop! For example, these whole spoon rings below would pair perfectly with a smaller band ring spaced out on one hand. Lost & Forged has a variety of rings that fit in this category, with or without gemstones. 

4. Comfort is important, but so is making a fun statement with your jewelry. Seek a balance between the two.

5. Choose your fingernail polish to match your ring, or vice-versa. The color match will highlight the elegance and beauty of your hands. Consider choosing bold, matching highlights, pigments and ornaments for your hair, too!

6. Be confident with your jewelry selection. Don't be afraid to show those gems off, flaunt what you have and be proud of your decision. Shown below is another large gemstone ring that could be flaunted with a simple spoon ring pictures on the right.


Want an easy way to check your ring size? Order an adjustable ring sizer here. 

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