Let the Sun Shine In: The Portfolio Collection, silverware jewelry and more


Silver Fork Butterfly Necklace, Rose Gold Brooch and more

My new Portfolio Collection feels like sunshine. The natural carnelian and citrine gemstones, rose gold and other materials are full of vibrance, warmth and light. As we emerge from a once-in-a-century pandemic, it's time to let the sun shine in! 

I'm launching the collection this Thursday, June 10th at 12 PM EDT. It will be available only for the Lost & Forged VIP's for the first two days. Click here to join the VIP's now and get first dibs!

Harley Motorcycle Fender Trim Necklace, Rose Gold and Carnelian Gemstone

I'll email a link to shop the collection before noon on Thursday. Watch your email inbox for the details, or click here to sign up for the VIP's.

Read below for more pics, details and pricing for the five one-of-a-kind pieces in the collection.



Butterfly Fork Necklace with Carnelian & Citrine gemstones

Silver Fork Butterfly Necklace - because who doesn't need a dose of lightness and sunshine, and to remind ourselves of the possibilities for transformation? Materials: Sterling silver, citrine and carnelian gemstones

Price: $600


Squiggly Spoon Earrings Silverware Jewelry

Squiggly Salt Spoon Earrings - life is best when we open ourselves to new directions and whimsical twists, just like these squiggly twisted spoon earrings with sunny natural gemstones.

Materials: sterling silver, natural carnelian & citrine gemstones

Price: $600


Necklace, 14k rose gold & Harley Davidson motorcycle fender trim

Harley Motorcycle Fender Necklace

Capture the freedom of the open road and the glory of the sunset all with this necklace. Bonus: unlike on a motorcycle, you don't even need a place to park with this piece!

Materials: 14k rose gold, salvaged Harley Davidson motorcycle Fender trim, natural carnelian gemstone

Price: $3000


Rose Gold Brooch with Brass Gear & Carnelian


Do you believe in finding new beauty in something old? That's the theme of this brooch pin, which captures the luster of a salvaged clock gear and frames it with hammer-textured rose gold.

Materials: 14k rose gold, salvaged brass, natural carnelian gemstone

Price: $1500


Rose Gold & Engraved Spoon Cuff Bracelet
Engraved Tree of Life Cuff Bracelet
What's more consistently inspiring than the sun setting on the horizon, nestled beneath the branches of a great tree? This cuff bracelet brings you the right imagery at any time of day and in any weather, with the help of reclaimed/recycled metal! 

Materials: 14k rose gold, vintage sterling silver spoon cup, natural carnelian gemstone, 14k yellow gold rivets.

Price: $2500


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