Sneak Preview of the Summer Art Fair Online: Unique Jewelry Pieces for Sale

The Summer Art Fair Online is coming up this Sunday, July 12th 2020, at 8 PM EDT.

The event will be livestreamed, so you can join in from anywhere with an internet connection, using a smartphone, PC web browser, etc.


During the event, I'll be showing and selling a bunch of unique pieces which aren't usually available here on my website online store. You'll get to see a model wearing the pieces, and can ask all the questions you want.

Here's a preview of some of the pieces, below, to be available exclusively during the show this Sunday. Please note that this is just a VERY ABBREVIATED glimpse.

Scroll to the bottom for a sneak preview of a few of the free door prizes!!


Gold Fork Tine Ring

Gold Streak Adjustable Fork Tine Ring, Sterling Silver with 18k Goldplate, $70

Plum Blossom Antique Spoon Earrings, Coin Silver, $145


Filigree Spoon Ring, Coin Silver, $90


Sapphire Spiral Twist Spoon Ring, Sterling Silver, $240


Antique Sugar Tong Talon Earrings, Sterling Silver, $80


Ornate Floral Goldplate Whole Spoon Ring, $50


Orange Turquoise (Composite) Spoon Ring, Sterling Silver, $200


Plum Blossom Dragon Necklace, Coin Silver, $200

Opal mermaid tail silverware pendant 


Double Opal Mermaid Tail Flatware Pendant Necklace, Sterling Silver, $225

Double Red Diamond Mermaid Tail Flatware Pendant Necklace, Sterling Silver, $250

Amethyst Ornate Flatware Handle Ring, Coin Silver, $250


Topaz Flatware Handle Ring, Sterling Silver, $275


Double Terminated Amethyst Crystal Whole Fork Ring & Necklace, Sterling Silver, $375 for the set (ring only - $190, necklace only $250)


Carnelian Spoon Ring, Sterling Silver, $200


Norwegian Lace Spoon Handle Ring, Goldwashed Coin Silver, $100


The following pieces will be specially priced and announced during the show:

Butterfly Silverware Necklace

Butterfly Silverware Necklace, sterling silver

Garnet Dragon Spoon Ring

Double Dragon Spoon Ring with Garnet, sterling silver with 18k goldplate

Salaam Arabic Gold Fork Bracelet

Salaam ('Peace') Arabic Gold Fork Cuff Bracelet

Norwegian Heart Design Whole Spoon Rings

Norwegian Heart Design Whole Spoon Rings


Copper cuff with carnelian stones

Hammered Copper Cuff with Carnelian Stones

Norwegian Spoon Handle Rings, Heart Design

Norwegian Spoon Handle Rings, Heart Design


Free Door Prizes Sneak Preview:

Free door prizes