Gold Spoon Rings & Silverware Jewelry: Electroplating Add-On Option!

One common limitation of spoon rings and other silverware jewelry is… what if you want to wear gold instead of silver? Many people prefer gold, and who can blame them? The shiny yellow metal is beautiful, and it perfectly complements many skin tones, outfits and accessories.

Did you know that gold tarnishes far less than silver?

Gold Spoon Rings & Two-Tone Spoon Rings

Sleek Elegance Whole Spoon Rings in silver, gold and two-tone 

Whatever your reason for wanting unique Lost & Forged pieces in gold tone...consider the problem now solved. I got you covered! Covered, that is, with 18k gold (on the jewelry pieces only, not on your skin!).

I now offer gold electroplating as an easy add-on option for most Lost & Forged creations on my website. 

Shown above: Lattice Nouveau Spoon Ring

Just use the pull down menu on each product page to select the gold plating add-on option when you add each product to your online shopping cart. I've circled the option in the image above to show where you can add the option to your item. If you want the item in two-tone, then write that into the text box right below.

Please note that you can add optional engraving, too, using a second pull-down menu on each product page.

But what is gold electroplating, anyway?! Electroplating is a process that creates a durable surface coating of one metal on top of another metal. You immerse the jewelry or 'work piece' into a liquid solution that contains gold, and pass an electric current through the work piece to deposit the gold as a uniform, shiny surface layer. 

Now you can have your silverware jewelry both ways, silver & gold (and two-tone) with the elecrtoplating add-on option!

Gold Tone Fork Watch Band

Custom Fork Watch Band, Gold Tone, from Lost & Forged


Two-Tone Pierced Norwegian Spoon Ring

Pierced Norwegian Spoon Ring, Two-Tone


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