The Plum Blossom Silverware Jewelry Collection Expands with New Spoon Rings, Earrings & More!

The Plum Blossom Silver Spoon Jewelry Collection keeps growing! It already includes several long-time customer favorite spoon rings and pendant necklaces. I'm adding more rings, necklaces and earrings to the collection.
All jewelry pieces in the Plum Blossom collection are made from rare, antique Asian silver souvenir spoons. Nearly all of the spoons feature a large decorative plum blossom in the center of the bowl of the spoon.
The handles of the spoons end in sculptural finnials depicting dragons, serpents and other east Asian symbols. 
Plum Blossom silverware jewelry collection
Each plum blossom spoon is marked with 'Nagasaki' or 'Shanghai' on the back of the spoon bowl. The two cities, both major industrial ports, rose to international prominence as 'treaty ports' during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, uniquely opened to global trade.
Nagasaki & Shanghai spoon markings
All of the spoons were likely produced during that time period, between the late 19th century and the early 1930's, by a number of small workshops in Nagasaki, Japan. Each workshop was owned and run by a different local family. 
As of now, a few of the Plum Blossom collection pieces are available here on the Lost & Forged website, but a number of new ones in the growing collection are not online yet. 

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