Norwegian Spoon Rings

Jul 05 2020

Pierced Norwegian Spoon Rings

I love to introduce my art show customers to the spoon rings I make from antique, pierced Norwegian silver spoons. They're customer favorites!

However, I don't list many of them on my website for purchasing online. The collection contains so many variations, each one available only in small quantity, that it's difficult to create and maintain ecommerce listings for all of them. It's better to see them live.

I make the rings from very rare, ornate spoons made in Norway in the mid-20th Century. I transform the spoons into contemporary jewelry that delights and surprises, and I can size each ring for nearly any finger size.

Want to know what inspired the mid-20th Century Norwegian silversmiths to create these amazing spoon designs? Here's a hint: just think Beatles song lyrics!

Yep, you guessed it, they were inspired by traditional Norwegian wood carvings, like this one: