Artscape Reflections, New Neckwire Necklace, and more...

Dear Lost & Forged Friend,

I hope you're having a great summer!

One highlight of the summer for me, so far, was definitely Artscape. Artscape, which occurred last month in Baltimore, is the largest free-admission art show in the country. Over 300,000 people attended. I'm very proud that Lost & Forged was the Artscape 2016 Emerging Artist for Jewelry!!! 

Over three days of exhibiting at Artscape, I absolutely loved meeting so many enthusiastic festival participants and new customers. Many hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of people stopped by to chat, to view our work, to try on and interact with Lost & Forged creations. I witnessed some amazing responses. For example, while examining piece after piece of jewelry, one woman kept shouting with total surprise and delight, "STOP! You've got to be kidding!" Like many other customers, I believe she appreciated the unexpected element of vintage reuse. Our pieces appear lustrous and elegant from afar, but when examined more closely they elicit a true double-take, based on the repurposed vintage material. In this case, the enthusiastic new customer asked me to set aside a ring for her. The next day she returned to buy the ring, and to introduce her husband and children. What a wonderful and memorable encounter for me!

Meanwhile, we're continuing to revamp our website and to expand the product listings.

We've listed a new Graceful Curve Sterling Silver Fork Pendant, with Handmade Sterling Neckwire Necklace. It looks like this:

In addition to the sterling silver pendant shown above, we're also offering a lower-cost version of the same necklace design here.

We've also added a couple of new rings, and made a number of design changes.

Questions or suggestions? Please let me know.

Yours truly,


Doug Heifetz
Founder & Silversmith

Lost & Forged