Charm Bouquet Spoon Rings

My Charm Bouquet Spoon rings (Stieff-Kirk Repousse floral pattern) are a major Lost & Forged customer favorite.

The silverware pieces, made in Baltimore, are among the most famous and very finest of all antique American silverware pieces.

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The silverware pattern name, Repousse, is also the technical term for an ancient artistic metalwork technique. A silversmith creates a repousse piece by pressing a design into a silver surface from the back or bottom of the piece. The design stands out in relief when viewed from the front or top. When created by hand, detailed repousse requires great skill and meticulous attention to detail.

The Samuel Kirk Silver Company, founded in Baltimore in 1815, created some of the greatest repousse flatware and serving pieces in American history. Under Kirk's leadership, Baltimore soon became the center for repousse silver work in North America. The company later merged with Stieff Silver, but continued to produce this great pattern. Now the silverware pieces are manufactured only occasionally by special order at very high prices, and delivery can take a year or more.

Lost & Forged Charm Bouquet spoon rings are made from the genuine Kirk Repousse sterling silver pattern flatware pieces. I create the rings in both spiral twist and classic band shape, with an antique patina or a polished finish.

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