Meadow Flower Whole Spoon Ring Review from Jennifer at

Thanks to Jennifer Donaldson for her lovely review of our Meadow Flower Whole Spoon Ring. Jennifer lives in the Boston area, and writes the Cute Teachings blog. She writes--and dresses--with purpose, aiming to "style outfits that are trendy, cute, & still accessible to all her fellow hard working women." What a great goal!

She wrote about her interest in eco-fashion, and in turn about the Meadow Flower Whole Spoon Ring:

What interests me the most when it comes to eco-fashion, is recycled materials used to create jewelry. I find it amazing that someone can take a forgotten object and turn it into something beautiful and unique...

When I found Mr. Heifetz’s jewelry and read about his work, I was intrigued. What could be better than supporting a small business, helping the environment, and wearing beautifully handcrafted jewelry? Well after receiving my silver spoon ring, I was beyond happy with this piece! The craftsmanship was beautiful, and the quality of the ring was amazing...I couldn’t be more excited to style this ring with all my bohemian looks.

Read the rest of Jennifer's post here. She included some beautiful pics of the ring, like the photo below of her wearing it. Thanks so much, Jennifer!

Meadow Flower Whole Spoon Ring, worn by Jennifer from Cute Teachings blog