Coming to LA, Baltimore, St. Louis, DC....

Coming to LA, Baltimore, St. Louis, DC....

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Fork bracelets in progress at West Elm Baltimore

Making fork bracelets at West Elm in Baltimore


Friends in B'more, LA, St. Louis and DC-area: I'll be exhibiting Lost & Forged creations in your area over the weeks ahead! Please stop by and say hi, and of course feel free to pick up some silver spoon rings, fork bracelets, Judaica creations, silver apple watch bands, or other gifts for yourself and other favorite people in your life. Here's the schedule so far:

Sun. 10/8, 12 - 5 PM, West Elm BALTIMORE. MD

Sat. 10/14, 11 AM - 4 M, West Elm LOS ANGELES, CA

Sun. 10/22, 12 - 5 PM, West Elm BALTIMORE, MD

Sat. 10/28, 3 - 5 PM, ST. LOUIS, MO (location TBD)

Sun. 11/12 - Tues 11/14, 9 AM - 6 PM, Washington Hebrew Congrgation, POTOMAC, MD (DC area)

Fri. 11/17, 2:30 - 6 PM, Goldsborough Glynn, KENSINGTON, MD (DC area)

Fri. 11/24, 11 AM - 5 PM, West Elm BALTIMORE, MD

Please note - the West Elm Baltimore events are part of my stint as their new Artist in Residence. I'll also be working on metalwork projects while I'm there each time, and teaching some craft workshops. More dates still to be scheduled!


Silver jewelry made from vintage flatwareSilver spoon ring, fork bracelet and other silver flatware creations